“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” Virginia Woolf


Edible flowers Love food Peppery lettuce

I love cooking and I love eating. I also love feeling well and healthy.

FOOD PROMISE is a documentation of how I feel about food. It chronicles how and what we eat—both day to day and on special occasions.

What is the food promise?

Here are some commitments I make to the type of food on this blog:

  • the food is fresh and healthy
  • the aesthetic of the food is important – food has to look good and have some ‘soul’
  • the food supports sustainability – including organic and cost-effective options where possible.

Rules of thumb

Here are some things that guide my cooking, and the food and information on this blog:

  • multiple and diverse ingredients
  • balanced nutrition in every meal
  • options to suit your own health and lifestyle needs.

There is power in food that is not well understood (generally) and is disregarded by medical authorities. I’m not an expert in this, and am not pretending to know a lot about it either. But I am interested in tapping into that power. This is my research.

Images of violets and lettuce above by julochka
Image of heart above by Darwin Bell

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